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About Us

Welcome to kwikdeals.co.uk

kwikdeals.co.uk is here to make a difference in present world of online shopping. Your one stop shop for all the best Tesla accessories: USB and SSD drives, hubs, wireless chargers, floor mats, and much more. We bring you the latest and greatest Tesla accessories, Tesla Model Y Accessories, Tesla Model S Accessories, Tesla Model 3 Accessories, Tesla Model X Accessories, ev car accessories and electric car accessories. Here at kwikdeals.co.uk you will find the best and latest in Technology, most Up-to-date Tesla accessories - our products offer superb quality, excellent design and the superior specs without the burden of a designer price tag! Shop aftermarket Tesla Accessories for your Model 3, Model S or Model X such as floor mats, wireless charger, frunk & trunk organizers, aero wheel kit, Electric Vehicle Accessories And parts for Electric cars and vans. Discover a range of Tesla accessories, Electric car part for MG and BMW EVs. etc. We believe Tesla and ev customers are not getting a fair deal as the big names in this area charge big prices as they like and unfortunately get away with it. Websites from east Asia still remains untrustworthy in fluctuating prices, costly shipping charges, lack of communication, unreliable products and the high risk of losing money by having a faulty product. This is where kwikdeals kicks in to offer quality products at affordable prices with the best customer service in mind - to make this possible we have implemented a dynamic business model. We import our products directly from manufacturers to our warehouse in the UK; from here they are dispatched by using Royal Mail and other courier services to our customers. This efficient process eliminates the usual barriers in the retail chain such as agents, wholesalers and distributors enabling us to pass the savings onto you!. kwikdeals.co.uk always pursues its on-going commitment In an effort to provide our customers with the most innovative and efficient way to search and purchase the highest quality products in the most cost effective way.

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Our aim:

We are mainly focusing on Tesla car accessories, Tesla Model Y Accessories, Tesla Model S Accessories, Tesla Model 3 Accessories, Tesla Model X Accessories, electric car accessories and EV car accessories. With over 9 years’ experience of working with the Far East and European car parts manufacturers have gained us a fantastic supplier base. This results in us always being on the forefront of technology and customised designs. Whilst many of the UK retailers are selling similar products - if you take a close look at the product specs, you will find they are not of the same quality and even overpriced. We also want to create a unique market for all the Tesla Car Accessories like Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X boot mats, cup holder, central storage box etc. Here at kwikdeals.co.uk we can guarantee you will find the most up to date design with prices offering outstanding value for money to suit everyone’s affordability.

Customer Care:
Our goal is to give you a 5 star shopping experience with kwikdeals, our easy to use and secure website should have everything you need to know about the product you are buying and even more! If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact us directly: info@kwikdeals.co.uk we will reply all the email queries within 24 hours.

Our business philosophy is simple: give customers what they want and when they want it. We never stop improving our world class service by putting our customers - and their needs - first.

Thank you and enjoy your shopping experience with kwikdeals.co.uk

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